KinGdom First Offering

To say thank you and give praise to Jesus, we are going to receive a special offering and give it away to bless another part of Jesus’ Kingdom. This is the KINGDOM FIRST OFFERING and it will start on October 29th and continue through November 26th

The KINGDOM FIRST OFFERING will be given to the Christhia Seva Mission in Chickballapur, India to build a parsonage for the Gundibunde Church. 

In 1980 Mathew Mathai was sent to his home country of India with the purpose of starting a church. Through the leading and direction of the Holy Spirit this ministry has grown to 11 different ministry centers, over 400 villages, 27 pastors and over 6,000 baptisms.

Southeast Christian Church has had the privilege to support Mathew and the work that he is doing in India. In 2016 we sent a team of 5 individuals to India. While there the team discovered that a significant need in the ministry is a parsonage for the Gundibunde Church, one of the 11 ministry centers. The church sits outside of the city and is isolated from other homes. This lends itself to regular vandalism. Mathew and his team have talked with the police; however, the police are indifferent and unwilling to do anything about the vandalism. They insist that it is Mathew’s problem to solve.

Recently Mike Packer spoke with Mathew and the KINGDOM FIRST OFFERING. He said they would use the money to build a parsonage.  The parsonage would alleviate two problems in the ministry. First, it would provide a deterrent from the ongoing vandalism to the church property. Second, it would provide a home for the two pastors and their families that work out of Gundibunde Church. 

If you would like to donate to the KINGDOM FIRST OFFERING, please see the donation section below for instructions.

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