If you would like to give to the THANKSGIVING OFFERING please click here to be redirected to our secure giving portal. Please remember to change "General Fund" to "Thanksgiving Offering" in the list of options.


The THANKSGIVING OFFERING is a call to sacrificial giving in response to God’s faithfulness.

Throughout scripture God’s people were encouraged to give thanks for his continual provision in their lives.

The first time ‘thanksgiving’ is used in scripture is found in Leviticus 7. This passage deals with repairing relationships. It confronts guilt between man and God and provides a way to find peace. The thanksgiving offering was a sacrifice that provides a way for people to have peace with God.

Psalm 107 is another place in scripture that speaks of a thanksgiving offering. In this passage the psalmist recounts God’s steadfast love for his people. As a response to this steadfast love, the psalmist encourages the people to offer sacrifices of thanksgiving and tell of God’s deeds in songs of joy.

Ultimately, all the sacrifices of the Old Testament are perfectly fulfilled in Jesus. God shows his faithfulness to his people through Jesus, who redeems us from sin and offers us peace with God. This results in thanksgiving!

“And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body. And be thankful.” (Colossians 3:15, ESV)


On November 18th we will partake in a special THANKSGIVING OFFERING. Please use the special envelopes located in the back of the sanctuary and information table in the front foyer. Please mark you checks or online gifts with “THANKSGIVING OFFERING.”


This year our HVAC Maintenance revealed that we needed approximately $50,000 in repairs. This included repairs, adjustments, replacements, and bringing electric work up to code. 

In August of this year we held a congregational meeting where the elders recommended that we finance the repairs to the HVAC system. The congregation passed the recommendation. 

The THANKSGIVING OFFERING will go toward paying off/down the cost of repairs that have already been made to the HVAC system.