Local Prayer Point

On August 6th, Southeast started a new prayer initiative called Drive Thru Prayer. The idea is that we will have volunteers stationed outside the church from 11am-1pm and 4-6pm so people can stop by, say their prayer request, be prayed for, and be on their way!


We have several people from the congregation that have volunteered to spend their lunch breaks or time after work here- praying for the needs of the community.

Let’s take a moment to pray for the neighborhoods surrounding Southeast and the hearts of those who will be stopping by Southeast.

global prayer point

A church planter who was harassed and threatened by his Muslim neighbor used the conflict as a way to model God’s grace and forgiveness.

After Nazmul and his family rented a house next to a Muslim family, the Muslims began to criticize Christians and shout curses at their new neighbors. Nazmul eventually decided to move, but the harassment didn’t stop. The Muslim family’s teenage son regularly hit his cricket ball (similar to a baseball) into Nazmul’s yard, apparently trying to damage the home or hurt their young son. Then, one day in the marketplace, the Muslim man openly told Nazmul that he could kill him and no one would care. Nazmul responded by sending a letter to local elders, stating that he would not take revenge but instead forgave the man. Nazmul’s attitude deeply impressed community members and even softened his neighbor’s heart toward him. The man asked for a reconciliation meeting, and other villagers are also now more accepting of Nazmul and his family.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to work on the heart of Nazmul’s persecutor.