Local Prayer Point

Over the last few weeks it seems the theme of our nation has been devastation. Politicians have continued to make noise causing uncertainty with foreign relations. Hurricanes have devastated our coastlines leaving countless homeless. Just this last Sunday a terrorist killed 59 people and left over 500 injured. It gets to the point where we are overwhelmed with the sorrow of this world.

We love a God who understands. We worship God who feels sorrow. We believe in a God who hears our prayers. In scripture God gives his people a mechanism to pray when life is overwhelming. This is the prayer of lament. A lament is a genre of prayer used to address God during inexplicable suffering.

  • “Lamentations abandons the appearance of superhuman emotional strength—which we often commend as godly strength—and opts for open mourning instead. It gives us permission to settle down into mourning, engage with suffering, and weep.  Although hope is delayed in Lamentations, grief is always directed toward God. The writer drags us through his muck and then calls out to God, “See, LORD, how distressed I am! I am in torment within, and in my heart I am disturbed, for I have been most rebellious”. He begs God to see his suffering, take part in this grief, and act in mercy.” -Aubry Smith
  • All her people groan as they search for bread; they trade their treasures for food to revive their strength. “Look, O Lord, and see, for I am despised.” “Is it nothing to you, all you who pass by? Look and see if there is any sorrow like my sorrow, which was brought upon me, which the Lord inflicted on the day of his fierce anger." (Lamentations 1:11–12, ESV)

Whatever you are going through, I want to encourage you. Don’t let go of Jesus. For the Psalmist tells us: The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.” (Psalm 34:18, ESV)

Global Prayer Point

A pastor and several church members in a south-eastern Tanzanian village recently had all of their belongings and cash confiscated after they refused to contribute to a ceremony involving witchcraft.

Village leaders had called witch doctors to remove “curses” on their village, and everyone in the community was required to make a donation for the ceremony. Because the ceremony involved witchcraft, the Christians refused to contribute.

Angered by the Christians’ refusal, village leaders forced their way into the pastor’s house and took his possessions. They later did the same to other church members, even taking a large amount of cash from a young man who had saved the money to pay for his wedding.

When the Christians turned to police for help, the police called them “idiots and ignorant fools.” Village leaders then threatened the pastor and told him they intended to destroy the church and get rid of all Christians in the village.