Local Prayer Point

VBS is a one-day Children’s Ministry Event. At VBS kids have fun day and build community while learning about Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection. VBS is also a way for adults to serve children. This year’s VBS event is on July 14th. Last week was the first VBS volunteer meeting for the year. Let’s take a moment to pray for this year’s VBS. 

Specifically, please pray for:

  •       50 or more children in attendance
  •       The hearts of those children to hear the Gospel
  •       The volunteers of VBS

global prayer point

On the morning of Tuesday, April 10, Meray a second-year college student at Sohag University in Upper Egypt, left in a motorized rickshaw headed to the university she attended but never returned home. She was to go to class and then to a private tutor but when Meray did not return home when expected, her father went to look for her and learned she never reached the tutor. He reports that after searching for her, he went to the police, but “they made no effort to investigate the matter and search for her.” He suspects she is the victim of human trafficking.

Meray is one of at least eight Coptic Christian women and girls who have disappeared in the past month–an escalating crisis that has Egypt’s Coptic Christian community on red alert.  Those taken range in age from 12 to 40. They are daughters, wives, mothers and sisters, and their loved ones are receiving very little, if any, help from local police to locate them.

Let’s take a moment to silently pray for Meray & the other missing women.