The "read-aloud pill"

We are living in a world where many students are consuming brain supplements to improve their academic score. If a pill was invented packing the power of academic benefits, which reading aloud to children can provide, parents would go to the highest extremes to assure their child receive this “read-aloud pill”. Jim Trelease, author of the The Read-Aloud Handbook and Sarah Mackenzie, author of The Read Aloud-Family, both have much to say about the power of reading-aloud.

On Wednesday, June 12, 7:00-8:30pm, we will gather at Southeast with other like-minded families to be inspired and supported as they prepare their kids for academic success via the read-aloud adventure. Parents will be encouraged by several local speakers sharing their insights of the "read-aloud pill" and children will play games, both mental (i.e., board games, jacks, bingo) and physical (i.e., basketball, foursquare, kick the can).

Reading-aloud, at it's best, begins in utero, continues throughout childhood and evolves into a read-loud family culture that never outgrows the joy it secures. Parents hearing the powerfully, enlightening message will find support and fortitude in making read-aloud time the best part of their children’s growing up years. After sharing the power of "the read-aloud pill" and the fun of playing games, a good old Ice Cream Social will culminate the evening.

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